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        Kanji From Zero! is a Japanese kanji book series built on the idea that learning
        kanji shouldn’t be mechanical and shouldn’t only be about learning the readings
        of each kanji. The relationship to Japanese culture and the way kanji is
        intergrated into Japanese life is key in establishing a strong foothold in
        intergrating kanji into your Japanese fluency!

        This book is dedicated to and made for those who want to truly learn Japanese:

        Japanese culture lovers, Japanese language learners, Japanese drama
        watchers, Japanese beginners, JPOP music fans, Japanese anime watchers,
        Japanese manga readers, people of Japanese heritage connecting to their
        history, and, last but not least, anyone planning travel to Japan!

        This began as a project to create a better book to learn kanji. It’s not enough to
        merely learn how to read kanji. Kanji, like the members of a JPOP group or the
        characters of an anime, have unique personalities and quirks to be explored.

        So many kanji books are merely reference materials listing every kanji, their
        readings, and maybe a few words. This barely scratches the surface of the
        amazing discoveries awaiting you when you fully grasp the connection kanji has
        with Japan and its culture.

        The entire Kanji From Zero! team wishes you success in your kanji learning.

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