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Kanji Lesson 16: 広太細丸長元          173

                    16-4. Completely (丸)

                     丸 means “round” in many words but it is also used in other heavily used
                     words that mean “completely” on “entirely”.

                                             (丸) Used to show ENTIRE periods of time

                                    a whole month                                   an entire year

                            丸一ヶ月                                                丸一年

                               まる・いっ・か・げつ                                        まる・いち・ねん

                                     an entire day                                 a complete hour
                                丸一日                                        丸一時間

                                  まる・いち・にち                                    まる・いち・じ・かん

                                        (丸) Used to show words that show completeness

                            completely revealed, exposed                         completely (adverb)

                                丸出し                                        丸っきり

                                      まる・だし                                         まる・っきり

                                     complete ruin                                copying in entirety

                            丸つぶれ                                                丸写し

                                    まる・つぶれ                                          まる・うつし

                          rote memorization, rote learning                        full view, plain site

                                丸暗記                                             丸見え

                                    まる・あんき                                           まる・みえ

                     BONUS: In the same way ships are often named SS Minnow with the “SS” in
                     front of the boat name, Japanese often name boats with 丸 (まる) at the end.

                     BONUS #2: The red circle on the Japanese flag is called 日の丸 (ひのまる)
                     and it means “the sun”.
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