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             16-3. Two types of round 丸い vs 円い

              In lesson 5 we learned 円 which shares a reading with 丸. Both of these kanji
              can mean “round”.

                                           round                   round
                                      丸い  円い

                                         まる・い                    まる・い

              There is a key difference though.

                                       (円) Used for FLAT or 2D round objects

                   round shape, circle               circumference                    round table
                     円形                              円周                              円卓

                       えん・けい                         えん・しゅう                           えん・たく

                                       (丸) Used for SPHERICAL or 3D objects
                    bullet, shot, shell            buzz cut (haircut)                  round pill

                     弾丸  丸刈り  丸薬

                       だん・がん                          まる・がり                           がん・やく

              In some cases 丸 and 円 can both be used, If you occasionally mix up 丸

              and 円 when the reading is まる don’t worry… because you are JUST LIKE
              many Japanese people.

                                              (丸) This is used 3D objects

                             round, circular                                   round face

                   円型/丸型  丸顔/円顔

                               まる・がた                                          まる・がお
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